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Polyester Batting

Polyester Batting


Looking for a durable and easy-to-care-for batting for your next quilting project? Look no further than 100% polyester batting! This high-quality batting is made entirely from polyester, making it both lightweight and durable.


Experience the Future of Quilting with Modern Technology Polyester Batting - Lightweight, Durable, and Perfectly Sof

  • Care Instructions

    Items made with Hobbs Poly-Down Batting may be machine washed – we recommend all quilts be washed using a delicate cycle and cool water, with no heavy agitation or spinning. Please be especially cautious with front-loading washers as the intense spin cycle on these machines can be very hard on quilts.

    Items made with Hobbs Poly-Down Batting may also be machine dried (again, we recommend a low-heat setting). 

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