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By selecting our binding services, you only need to provide your fabric. We cut, sew, and bind. 

Serged quilt to add stability

First, we serge the entire circumference of the quilt to add stability and facilitate the process of adding a super clean binding strip. 

Binding Tool to attach a professional looking binding for your quilt.
Clean binding attached to your quilt

Next, the binding is attached with a binding tool that double folds the fabric and attaches it to the quilt in one step. 

The finished binding is approx. 1/2 inch wide. 

Binding is very affordable; just add it to your cart at check out. 

Our binding tool makes your quilt look clean and professional

How much Binding will I need?

Sewing Machine_edited.jpg

Your binding should be 1 3/4 inches wide and sewn together, either on the diagonal or straight. 


If your quilt is 40 x 40 you will need approximately a quarter yard of fabric.

Cut 5 strips at 1 3/4 inches wide along the width of the fabric (from selvedge to selvedge) and sew them together.

Iron all seams to one side, in the same direction. 


how much binding
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