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Best Practices

For the top

  • Make sure your top is square.

  • Snip all threads

  • Iron all seams flat

  • Iron your top with starch.

  • Check for any holes or loose seams.

  • Do NOT wash


For the backing

  • Make sure the backing is square. 

  • Wash and iron with starch.

  • Snip all threads after washing.

  • Your backing extends at least 6 inches from each side from the top. The longarm requires additional space at the top, bottom, and sides to securely hold the backing.  

               e.g., if your quilt top is 50 x 50 

               your backing needs to be 62 x 62


For the binding

  • The binding must be exactly 1 3/4 inches wide. 

  • Do not iron in half

  • Sew diagonal seams

  • Iron all seams in one direction (do not iron open)

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